I recently had a chat with Frank at Cow House Studios. Here is a preview:

CHS: What are your most vivid memories from your time on residency at Cow House? Do you find that strands of thought that may have originated here continue to reveal themselves in your work?

CM: One of the most vivid is walking out from the studio and letting a gust of wind rip off the kitchen door as I opened it. Damn, embarrassment is the most vivid. The meals were spectacular and a great time to visit with everyone, the daily highlight. Frank making sausage, playing with Michael, chatting with Rosie, watching football and Lord of the Rings, older Michael eating Kit Kats and watching hurling with him, the Ploughing festival. Marc, Susie, and Lois. Hiking up the mountain, that was a great day. Getting to know folks at the Wexford Art center and Monster Truck. Drinking whiskey with Marc and Frank. Having the champion Robert Ellis come visit.

Cow House played a fundamental role in three projects that are still evolving today. I focused on making work for Getting by in the Foreverscape, a series of drawings influenced by the Burren skies, Hollywood movie posters, questionable science, paranoid ramblings, and genuine concern laced with humor. I was able to shape some loose ideas into what became Green Mini Demo Derby. Frank’s feedback and support was helpful in getting the project proposal off the ground. Also at Cow House I committed to expanding the Essential Knowledge project. I did not make any drawings for it, but having time to present my work and reflect led to reenergizing the project once I returned to the states. Initially sixteen drawings it has expanded to include over forty and is still gaining momentum.

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